Stephen Robert Crosby
  Composing works for church  

SATB, SATB quartet, SSAA quartet, ATB trio, AT duet, solo S
Flute, Narrator, Organ
Text: Matthew 5:3-11 and original
Performance time ca.15 min.
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The Greatest of These is Love
SATB (minimal divisi)/Piano
Text: First Corinthians 13 (altered)
Performance time ca. 6 min.
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Lux Orbis Perpetua
Text: Various OT and NT
Performance time ca. 13 min
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Stephen Crosby Addressing Premier Audience for Lux Orbis Perpetua  

On Easter Morning
Solo S/Piano
Text: Original


Ten Fold Amen


Six Fold Amen
SATB (minimal divisi)/Organ


Thou Shall Know Him When He Comes
SATB (minimal divisi), Solo T, Solo S or A/ Organ Text: 15th Century Anonymous
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We Will Serve the Lord
Text: Joshua 24:15


A New Song
SATB, solo S, solo T, piano, organ,
tambourine, tamtam, bells
Text: Psalms 98 and 150, Luke 24
Performance time ca. 9 min.
Premier April 3, 2016


Look Toward Heaven
SSAATTBB (minimal divisi), Solo S, Solo B (sung and spoken)/Organ
rge Screen Projections by He Qi
Text: altered excerpts from Genesis 8,9,15,17,22, Psalm 150
Performance time: 9 min.



God So Loved the World
SATB (minimal divisi) a cappella
Text: John 3:16

A Joyful Song

SATB ( minimal divisi)/Organ
Text: OT and original
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Kyrie Eleison
SATB (minimal divisi)/Organ
Text: Latin Mass
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Celebration on a Familiar Tune: An Easter New Song
SA&Youth Drum, Tambourine, Piano
Text: Various OT and NT My Lord


Walk With Me
SATB (minimal divisi)/Organ
Text: G. Herbert (altered)
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Little Jesus
SATB, Solo S/Organ
Text: Francis Thompson (Altered)

Performance time: 3 1/2 min.

Premier: July, 2012