Stephen Robert Crosby





stephen robert crosby

After many years of lecturing and teaching in military, corporate and conference venues in the US and Europe, more recent speaking has focused on the arts and religious topics. A life in music is now brought to bear on the dance world with assistance from his wife, a ballet, modern and jazz dancer and choreographer with an international career in stage, film and TV. He has created a series of audio/video talks to celebrate the bringing together of great music and great dance, both to entertain and to encourage people to expand their horizons musically and in what he considers perhaps the most exciting of the performing arts: dance which combines music, visual and theater arts.

On the religious side, he has become committed to fostering an understanding and engagement in the interfaith area. He was raised as a Methodist and hasworshipped subsequently in the Presbyterian Church in the US where he has been a Ruling Elder. And he is a commissioned Stephen Minister for extended Christian caregiving. He has also worshipped in the Church of England during two extended tours of business in the UK. It was there that he was invited to join a group, centered in London, consulting on the creation of an international effort at education and engagement in the interfaith area as a critical need in wonderfulour world today. This organization is now called The Awareness Foundation, headquartered at Holy Trinity Sloane Street. The resulting course of interfaith study hasbeen offered in over 50 locations around the world. Subsequently he was a delegate at an international conference of Christians, Jews and Muslims in London, sponsored by the Chautauqua Institution and hosted by the London i Centre. And he has been an interfaith speaker for the Religion Department of the Chautauqua Institution in New York and other venues.