A leadership career in international financial services risk management has honed business strengths including strategic planning, project management, budgeting, risk management, marketing, operations, systems, finance and people management and empowerment on a global basis. These skills and experience can be brought to bear in arts organizations to clarify mission, focus resources and enhance results. An a-vocational career as performing pianist, chorister, composer, arts producer and board member gives practical sensitivity to working with creative individuals and an understanding of the problems and concerns of not-for -profit organizations in the arts sphere. All these complimentary experiences can be brought together to work for you.

Examples of not-for profit arts organizations with which he has worked include:

    ~an international cross-cultural foundation specializing in arts, education and intern exchange,

    ~a national arts and letters organization specializing in supporting young people early in their careers in music, dance, theater and letters,

    ~a New York dance scholarship provider and community outreach and event presenter,

    ~a Pennsylvania ballet school,

    ~an international ballet competition in New York,

    ~a Pennsylvania theater company,

    ~a New York theatre company